Bronchitis - January 17, 2015 by Daniel

I work for the Manchester escort agency and I literally had to take about four weeks off of work due to having bronchitis. This virus is horrible and it first starting out like a cold, just coughing, itchy throat and sneezing. This week on for a couple of weeks and I thought it was just the common cold.

One night I was sleeping and woke up suddenly in the middle of the night gasping for air. It felt like an elephant was standing on my chest, I immediately went to the emergency room for help. The put my on six days work of antibiotics and gave me several breathing treatments and sent me home.

I got my prescription filled and was miserable for days after, almost going back to the hospital for breathing treatments. It took me weeks to regain my energy because I was so week and had to appetite what-so-ever.

Hip Hip Hooray! - December 26, 2014 by Daniel

I’ve just had a pay rise and I need to go out and celebrate this weekend. I don’t want to be on my own and I don’t know many people outside of work so I’ll dial one of the numbers that I had stored in my phone to arrange a personal date with a stunning looking babe. There are so many Surrey escorts to choose from that I’ll probably go for one that hasn’t got to travel too far to keep the cost down but whoever I get to see, I’m sure they will be lovely. I haven’t been to that top restaurant for ages so that would be a great start to the evening. The fantastic thing about booking a date for the night is that you get to choose where to go and what to do. My ex wife used to make all of those decisions for us…it’s no wonder we broke up!

My Night Was Ruined - December 9, 2014 by Daniel

The one night I wanted to stay up late watching television and talking to my husband he had a headace and wanted to go to bed. The only reason I wanted to stay up last night is because my favorite show was on. Each week the show features men and women who have very odd fetishes. This week it was on men with foot fetish Newcastle escorts. For some reason this one caught my attention. Maybe it is because it sickens me a little and I would have loved to hear the persons thoughts on why they liked feet so much. But of course, I did not get to hear it because my whiny husband wanted me in bed next to him so I could rub his back and help get rid of his headache.

My Husbands Amazing Trip - October 27, 2014 by Daniel

My husband is going to England in exactly four days and so far he is doing a great job planning and packing for his trip. Today he booked dates with Brighton escorts to go sight seeing around the country the day after he arrives. He also booked an evening at the spa so he can relax and be pampered on his first night in. I wish more than anything I could go with him, but I know that he needs this time alone to have a much needed break. Once he leaves for England, I plan on doing a little relaxing myself. I have rented a hotel over night and I will make sure to bring my laptop so my husband and I can Skype together. I can wait to hear how his first days went in such a beautiful country.

Window & Door Cleaning - October 26, 2014 by Daniel

I hate cleaning all of the windows and doors in my house because it is too time consuming. Twice a year I will hire one of my fuck buddies London to do this job, I always pay them well for their time spent. My one buddy really knows how to clean windows and they never have any streaks.

She did tell me that her trick is using vinegar and the best part is that it is really cheap. I guess her mixture is 50/50 with water in a bucket, it does stink and the smell takes awhile to go away. She will even hit all of my coffee tables and mirrors throughout the house and they look like they are brand new.

Once the job is complete they get a nice pay from me and usually dinner of their choice on one of my days off.

Tranquility - September 29, 2014 by Daniel

I was born pretty wealthy and love to take my fuck buddy out to sit on my beach and sip on cocktails. My private island offers so much peace and tranquility because we are the only ones around. The reason that I purchased the island is because I love the outdoors and everything to do with water. I can not stand being around loud annoying children and vacationing families.

I have built my own billion dollar home on the island and have my own staff that takes care of me. The menu that I made up myself has a taste for any of one my visitors. When I want to go to civilization I fly over to my yacht and go on my way. I really have no use for a car on the island but I do have one parked in my garage, although there are no streets that I have paved yet.

Family Situations - August 4, 2014 by Daniel

I had a renter that had moved in to a house next door to me and she was single with 5 kids. It was spring time and I did not know if this was going to be a good or bad situation. Once the kids were out to play on the nice warm days they became friends with my children. They would come over to go swimming and to eat dinner.

The only thing that I did not like about the whole situation was that the mom was bondage dating like 3 different men. My children were always asking which one was their dad. They were used to seeing one man in their life and that was their father. They only lived there for about a year and I was glad when they moved.

Big Hit, Corporate Basketball Event - August 1, 2014 by Daniel

Every year I am in charge of planning one company event for my work. This year I did a basketball outing and just about everyone participated. The basketball courts were beautiful with brand new hardwood floors that were just redone weeks before. The backboards were all glass and they even had breakaway rims but no one could even barely touch the rim. They had someone available to run the scoreboards and the refs were experienced and called every call like it was a pro game.

We had a lot of fun and everyone was out of breath fast and that reminded all of us how out of shape that we really are! I even added some fun to the mix and had 6 Sheffield escorts on the sidelines to cheer us all on. They were a little expensive but all the guys didn’t mind that they were there at all. The event was a big hit and we plan on doing it again next year.